2023: University of Fribourg, B.A./M.A. seminar “Identity Politics in Eastern Europe” in German

2023: University of Fribourg, B.A./M.A. seminar “Party Families in Europe” in German

2018 / 2019 / 2020 / 2022 / 2023: University of Basel, B.A./M.A. seminar “Populism in Europe” in German

2022: University of Lucerne, Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE) B.A. interdisciplinary seminar on climate change, populism and conspiracy theories in German, with Prof. Dr. Catherine Herfeld and Dr. Benjamin Krebs

2021: University of Fribourg, B.A./M.A. seminar “The Populist Challenge in Europe” in German

2021: University of Lucerne, B.A./M.A. seminar “Migration Politics in Europe” in German, with Dr. Lea Portmann

2021: University of Basel, B.A. seminar “Electoral Participation in Advanced Democracies with Applications in R” in German

2018: Summer School organized by the University of Konstanz and the University of Belgrad, Novisad, Lecture on “The Causes of Populism”, M.A. level in English, single lecture

2015: University of Bern, B.A./M.A. seminar “The Far Right in Europe” in German 

2015: University of Luzern, M.A. seminar “Political Transformations” in English

2014: University of Zurich, M.A. seminar “Democracy in the European Union” in German

2014: Charles University, Prague, M.A. seminar “Ethnic Politics” in English, 5 days

2011: ETH Zurich, Elective M.A. course “The International Protection of National Minorities” in English, with two other Ph.D. students